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Mindfulness for Creatives : Our Mission


Driven by community, curiosity, creative awakening, and the desire for something new and different...

Annika Howe and Daniel Ryan started Mindfulness for Creatives (M4C) in the Spring of 2016. Through their events and podcasts, they seek to provide clarity to the questions looming in our modern information-driven minds and return to a natural, balanced sense of wholeness. Essentially every person is a creative. M4C is for people looking for guidance in meditation, grounded conversation and good company to meditate with. The content and experiences that are shared are designed to fill the gaps left in the modern conversation on mindfulness. 

Mindfulness for Creatives is lead by Daniel Ryan and Annika Howe. Based in NYC, Annika and Dan are committed to providing resources and guiding an enriching conversation within their community. On their regular podcast and at their monthly events, they integrate a wide spectrum of subjects, strategies, stories and philosophies as they relate to creativity, mindfulness and the practices of both. They believe that each of us possess and use creativity everyday. Creativity is often defined simply as problem solving. Life and its constant surprises ask us to be constantly creativity. On the podcast and at the events, Annika and Dan often feature and interview creative partners and leaders discussing their experiences, how they summon creative forces and overcome obstacles.



Dan maintains full time private practice as a hypnotherapist at the Center for Integrative Hypnosis in Chelsea, NYC. He enjoys offering one-on-one sessions, meditation and guided experiences to individuals and groups all over the world. He received his undergraduate degree (BFA) from Emerson College where his research focused on literature, philosophy and sociology. In 2011, after receiving his board certifications in hypnotherapy and regression therapy, he co-founded the Center for Integrative Healing in Chatham, NJ. Dan studied and taught the practices of Vedic philosophy and meditation at the The School of Practical Philosophy in New York City from 2007 to 2014. 

He was first introduced to meditation about 25 years ago when he was in his early teens. During a gathering in a new age bookstore somewhere in Princeton, NJ - in the early 90's - he was attending a day-long experience in past life regression that would also serve as an introduction to hypnosis, mindfulness, and the philosophy of reincarnation. The day was led by his father, Dr. Jeffrey Ryan. Dr. Ryan maintained private practice for over 25 years in Morristown, NJ. Dan took over his father's work when he passed away in April, 2011. 



Annika grew up in northern Germany by way of the Midwestern US. Her early experiences there instilled in her a foundation of sincerity, an eye for true beauty, a drive to work smarter, and the love of a thing well-organized.

Initially Annika was focused on diplomacy while working in the German Parliament. At the time she was also a freelance television journalist working throughout Europe. She would eventually move stateside - first to Chicago, then to NYC - working in commercial advertising and film production. During those years Annika was led naturally by her resourcefulness and problem-solving acumen to production. First her talents were utilized creating shoots for advertising firms. Her expertise would eventually broaden to include photography and video work across all fields. Annika's keen understanding of media, production, and those details that elevate projects from good to great, have made her highly sought after internationally.  

Annika has lived across Europe, travels extensively, and adventures passionately. She is comfortable in unfamiliar territory and always looking to pick up a new language beyond her current foundation of German, English & French.